We have made truly remarkable progress this month, with significant milestones achieved in each of the two halves of the estate.

The southern sector is nearing completion with the road prime seal applied last Friday and close to 4000sqm of turf laid this month. The current wet weather has unfortunately postponed the installation of the asphalt but with fingers crossed, this may be completed by the end of the week if the weather improves.

By contrast, the northern sector has been focused on the underground infrastructure. The Hutchies team have worked incredibly hard installing more than half of the sewer and stormwater lines with expectations to complete these by mid next month. Work has also commenced on another major piece of infrastructure, with wells now installed for the sewer pump station. Backfilling in this area is scheduled for this week, and construction of the retaining walls to those lots facing the proposed park, is nearly complete.

Offsite, the directional boring has been completed under Meringandan Road and along Kleinton Road to bring the 11kVA upgrade to the subdivision. This upgrade will allow for the removal of the power poles down Kleinton Road in mid June, to facilitate the road widening and formation of the estate entries.

Next month, we are most excited to commence the planting of the first of our street trees and the installation of the streetlights in the southern half of the estate.