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The idea of building your dream home in an ideal location can be very exciting. We are here to help guide you through that process and to ensure that the aesthetic and environmental values that first attracted you to Wirraglen, are protected.

Design Guidelines

The Wirraglen design guidelines are in place to help create a desirable, high quality and attractive community.

The aim of our guidelines is not to stifle individual creativity but exist to ensure premium housing design and landscaping outcomes for long term appeal.

Our Design Guidelines have been carefully constructed to assist our purchasers and their builders, to comply with the covenants for the estate, to ensure that the vision for Wirraglen is realised.

Need more help?

Please email your queries to design@wirraglen.com.au

Wirraglen Welcome Tree

Our dream is to create a leafy streetscape for all to enjoy.

In addition to our wonderful street trees, we are offering the perfect housewarming gift to our new residents. Each homeowner will choose from a selection of suitable tree stock from a local supplier to plant in the front garden of their new home. As these trees grow, they will not only enhance curb appeal and provide shade to the home, but will have a positive impact on the whole community for the long term.

*Ts and Cs apply.
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How to buy at Wirraglen

So, you can feel Wirraglen calling you home? It’s time to start the process of purchasing your dream lot. We have created a handy step by step guide to make that dream a reality.