It’s very exciting news this week for the project, with Toowoomba Regional Council providing their approval for the Operational Works Plans. With the green light now to proceed to the construction phase, the vision for Wirraglen can truly start to come to life.

Unique to this development are plans to construct the full 147 lots as one project. This approach provides the opportunity to complete the works to a particularly high standard with all landscaping installed and allowed to mature over a longer period of time. Without the need to continually bring civil contractors back to complete subsequent stages, residents are spared the disruption that can often accompany such works.

Whilst the construction of the entire precinct will be completed in 2023, lots will only be released onto the market as demand requires and in accordance with a planned stage release.

A project of this magnitude and quality, constructed in such an ambitious way, is a gamechanger for our Wirraglen residents.