Finally, the asphalt for the entire northern section of the estate has been laid, completing the street network. With the current prolonged spell of dry weather, the topsoil respread across the lots in this sector is progressing slowly, in a concerted effort to minimise the dust nuisance.

Turf will continue to be progressively laid to all finished areas and some internal timber fencing against the proposed park area has been erected. Feature retaining walls on select lots are also ready for construction and street lighting has been installed to the southern sector.

The block wall that forms the base of what will surely be an impressive entry feature, has also been completed. Coreten and stone elements, along with the Wirraglen signage itself, will bring the wall to life.

The Kleinton Road widening project is also underway, with the box out complete and the gravels going in. The team are aiming for the kerb installation next week for the northern half, with the southern lengths to go down the following week. In accordance with that schedule, we should hopefully see the new asphalt on Kleinton Rd go down in early October.

Final footpaths, planting of street trees and all other developer fencing will follow these critical works.